Sunday September 14, 2014
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NWAC Petition - A National Inquiry is needed!

Join us by signing the NWAC Petition - A National Inquiry is needed! 

The Native Women's Association of Canada has documented over 582 occurrences of missing or murdered Aboriginal women and girls. We know that there are more cases that have not been documented. We also know that this epidemic of violence is continuing to claim more lives and irreparably harm more families every month. 

Addressing this issue requires that the factors causing it are correctly identified, and those individuals, processes and policies responsible for the maintaining the status quo - and the subsequent harms to Aboriginal women and girls - are remedied. Recommendations and ACTION for the change are needed to increase the safety of Aboriginal  women and girls in all walks of life across Canada. 

Supporting an inquiry would be a crucial step in implementing a comprehensive and coordinated national action plan to address the scale and severity of violence faced by Aboriginal women and girls. 

Update:  On February 13, 2014 NWAC delivered 23,088 signatures from concerned Canadians demanding an end to the high rate of missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls. Unfortunatley the Government of Canada has not responded or taken action. In a continued effort we encourage community members to collect petition signatures and watch for the online petition. 

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