NWAC Recognizes the Saskatchewan Government for Taking Action to Solve and Prevent Cases of Missing and Murdered by Establishing a Missing Persons Week


May 7, 2014 Ottawa, ON – The Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) congratulates the Saskatchewan Government for creating Saskatchewan Missing Persons Week for the week of May 4 to 10th, 2014. It is a week dedicated to hosting activities to solve cases and prevent future ones as well as honour those who have gone missing. The week’s activities will increase public awareness on the varied reasons persons may go missing and highlight five of the frequent causes.

Police agencies in Saskatchewan have jurisdiction over Missing Persons cases. For several years, all police services have been working together to share information on historical cases, which includes missing persons and cases of found human remains. This information is now being shared with the public in hopes of generating more tips to find missing persons.

Hundreds of people go missing every year, but most are returned safe and sound to their families and friends. In some cases they do not return, and the fear is that they have been a victim to foul play. The police have launched a web site which features the profiles of these missing people. One of the requirements for inclusion on this site is that they have been missing for more than six months and that they come from the province of Saskatchewan. Police continue looking for missing persons until the case is solved or until all investigational avenues have been exhausted.

Through the government initiative, the police are inviting everyone to view the information on this site. They have also released “Missing Person Week” videos to raise awareness with the public in order to resolve the cases and to help raise awareness for prevention on some of the ways people can go missing.. These releases are posted on behalf of the Provincial Partnership Committee on Missing Persons as part of Missing Persons Week in Saskatchewan. NWAC President Michèle Audette stated, “This is the kind of action that we need to see happen all over Canada – in a comprehensive way, so that we can put an end to the high rates of missing and murdered Aboriginal women’s cases that go unresolved and prevent more women from going missing.”

The Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) is founded on the collective goal to enhance, promote, and foster the social, economic, cultural, and political well-being of First Nations and Métis women within First Nations, Métis, and Canadian societies. As a national organization representing Aboriginal women since 1974, NWAC’s mandate is to achieve equality for all Aboriginal women in Canada.


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