NWAC Reprimands Media For Coverage in Tina Fontaine Murder Trial

OTTAWA, ON – February 1, 2018

The Native Women’s Association of Canada is adamantly opposed to the media’s use of victim-blaming rhetoric and negative, unfounded stereotypes in their reporting in the Tina Fontaine murder trial.

Media outlets must instead focus on the actions of the accused. Victim blaming and focusing on narratives that perpetuate damaging stereotypes and myths about missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls serve no purpose but to harm victims, survivors, and their families as they try to begin their healing process.  Tina Fontaine is not on trial.

NWAC calls on all members of the media to deeply consider the narratives they engage in and consider the damage to Indigenous families.  Consider the stereotypes and myths on which narratives are based before constructing stories and headlines that harm communities and families who are suffering.  NWAC works with these families and regularly witnesses the damage that negative media language and thoughtless coverage causes.

Tina deserves better. Tina’s family deserves better. The public deserves better.

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