NWAC Condemns Ontario Government’s Decision to Debate Existence of Gender Spectrum

Ottawa, ON – On November 20, 2018, NWAC remembers and honours the Two-Spirit, Trans, and non-binary Indigenous people victimized and killed as a result of transphobic and racial violence. In this spirit, we condemn the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party’s recent resolution to debate the existence of the gender spectrum. These people are loved, valued, and their existence and worth cannot be voted on or debated.

Different forms of violence are too common in the lives of Indigenous Two-Spirit and LGBTQ+ individuals. Marginalization and systemic discrimination have reduced both the availability and accessibility of supports and services, meaning Indigenous people who are Trans also face additional obstacles to accessing basic services such as healthcare, housing, and employment.  This is particularly true for Indigenous youth.

In the face of transphobic and colonial violence, Trans, Two-Spirit, and non-binary Indigenous folk have demonstrated incredible strength and resilience. They are leaders, healers, and crucial parts of our communities. It is essential they can safely access services, participate in ceremony, and are present at decision-making tables impacting their lives, not erased.

NWAC recently committed to building stronger and more responsive relationships with the Trans, non-binary, and queer-identifying Indigenous people we represent. We recognize by not responding to the gender diversity within our community, we risk replicating their oppression and erasure.

On this day of remembrance, we express our renewed solidarity to these communities and re-state our commitment to being respectful and accountable advocates in this work.


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