Nancy Duffy is an instructor as well as an education and instructional design enthusiast who has worked as a creative entrepreneur and business consultant since 2005. Aside from her own business, Nancy has also worked as a director of marketing, a systems administrator; a constituent advocate for a Member of Parliament and Minister for International Cooperation, as well as a Training Officer with Elections Canada and Elections Ontario.

On the consulting side of her business over the past 15 years, Nancy has helped clients in areas of strategic marketing, problem resolution, operational design management, corporate training, and executive recruiting. Her creative entrepreneurial pursuits primarily include investigative research, digital and print publishing, and audio production.

Nancy has studied Course Design and Learning-Centred Teaching in Higher Education and has an honors degree in Communication, Media, and Film. In 2019, Nancy completed her Master’s in Political Science with a focus on contentious politics and social movements. She volunteers her time promoting adult literacy and is the host and producer of a podcast and radio talk show on current events, society, and culture.

Nancy Duffy
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Nancy Duffy
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