Tanya is Dene from the Northwest Territories and currently resides in Edmonton, Alberta. Tanya is passionate about capacity building, economic development, and building collaborative relationships.

As an adult educator for Keyano College and the University College of the North for a combined 10 years, Tanya developed, delivered (online and in-person), and evaluated business administration programs that assisted Indigenous entrepreneurs in developing strategic business plans. Each program consisted of business administration courses, including business management, financial planning, business law, communications, human resource strategic management, and employee training. Through these amazing educational programs, she has had the honour of guiding (through mentorship and instruction) the development of over 500 fantastic business plans for Indigenous entrepreneurs and community economic developers.

Tanya’s most recent role was Program Coordinator for the Community Economic Development Initiative (CEDI) program, where she applied her broad knowledge and experience in building collaborative environments toward fostering economic development partnerships between First Nations and municipalities across Canada. Tanya worked with elected councils and senior staff from each community partner, and facilitated the partnership’s progress in jointly identifying, prioritizing, planning, and implementing community economic development initiatives.

Before the National Aboriginal Land Managers Association (NALMA) was created, she achieved First Nation Land Management Certification through a training program directly administered by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (now Indigenous Services Canada). The training was very comprehensive and included courses on Leasing, Appraisals, Canada Land Surveys, Forestry Management, Minerals Management, Environmental Assessments, and Environmental Management.

Tanya is also a Certified, Aboriginal Economic Development Officer at the TAED (Technician) level and PAED (Professional) level from Cando (Council for the Advancement of Economic Development Officers). Competent in: Aboriginal Law & Policies, Organizational & Financial Management, Governance & Leadership, Economics, Sustainable Environment & Land Stewardship, Lands & Resource Management, Project Management, Community Planning and Development, Community-Based Aboriginal Economic Development, Contemporary Aboriginal Economic Development, and Aboriginal Business Development & Entrepreneurship.

Tanya is excited to join the #BeTheDrum team and looks forward to sharing her knowledge with, and supporting Indigenous women on the their entrepreneurial journey!

Tanya Tourangeau

Tanya Tourangeau
Entrepreneur Navigator/Mentor
Email: ttourangeau@nwac.ca
Tel. (343) 998-3222
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