Today, social media is an ever-growing tool used by many to connect with others worldwide. #BetheDrum has created various social media channels that are safe environments for Indigenous women entrepreneurs to connect and communicate with our team and each other.

Our channels provide a positive outlet for our team to engage directly with our community. On these channels, we can exchange ideas, provide support, share tips and tricks, answer questions, discuss Indigenous entrepreneurship, receive feedback, and connect via stories and live feeds.

Another amazing feature worth noting is we can interact with our entrepreneurs by creating fun incentives like “Entrepreneur of the Month”. This is where our navigation team can feature one of our entrepreneurs per month on our socials as a way to share their talents and provide exposure.

We are hoping to build a strong and diverse social media space where all of our followers feel a sense of belonging through being connected and supported by our community.

Here’s where you can find us:

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