What is a #BeTheDrum Peer Support Circle?

Like a Mastermind Group, our BeTheDrum Peer Support Circles are a network of regular monthly group meetings for Indigenous women and gender diverse entrepreneurs across Canada.

Brought together through the #BeTheDrum Entrepreneur Outreach program, the purpose of these groups is to facilitate authentic camaraderie, to help offset feelings of loneliness, discouragement, and fatigue that entrepreneurs often face. It’s also a means of sharing resources, building new collaborations and relationships, of identifying new market trends and opportunities. In essence, this is our entrepreneurial version of community building – helping to support those daring to do great things – spanning from the furthest, most remote parts of Canada through to the most populous. Our work is to help draw strong lines of belonging and connection for the benefit of all communities, all the while helping to improve and grow business in the neighbourhoods where people live.

To join this network – entrepreneurs simply apply to our free #BeTheDrum Entrepreneur Outreach program.

Membership includes:

  • participation in our peer-to-peer network
  • one-on-one mentorship
  • access and introduction to members of our greater network (industry experts, etc.), workshops, networking events
  • a free listing on our brand new Indigenous Women’s Business Directory (easily updated to represent your ongoing progress!)
  • participation in our workshops, networking events, and social media groups – Q&A sessions, etc.
  • and a chance to be in our entrepreneur of the month promotion!

Interested in starting or joining an entrepreneurial Peer Support Circle in your area?

Contact BeTheDrum to enquire about getting started!

Apply to our Program! / Postulez à notre Programme!