Traditionally, Aboriginal women played a central role in the health and well-being of their communities. They were decision makers in the use of resources, economics, and politics; in some nations they determined leadership, and they were leaders themselves.

Prior to colonization, Aboriginal women enjoyed comparative rights and political powers as men.  Today, it is important that Aboriginal women reclaim the power they once held within their communities and nations.

Up For Debate

NWAC is a member of the Up For Debate alliance.  This campaign recognizes that women have made up the majority of voters in the last federal election; however, the last time federal party leaders debated the issues that matter to women and girls as part of an election campaign was 30 years ago.  Below is a resource that contains information on the campaign as well as ready-to-go Twitter and Facebook messages that can be used to spread the word to push for a debate on issues important to women by current party leaders for the 2015 federal election:

If you haven’t already, please remember to PROMOTE, SIGN AND SHARE the change.org/upfordebate petition this week.

Elections Canada

NWAC is a strong supporter of electoral participation.  Below you will also find resources provided by Elections Canada that can be used to boost engagement on social media and with organizations.

Elections shareable print products

Would you like to do a mailout to your networks? Or are you interested in distributing material to your colleagues at your organization? The following materials are available in print for distribution:

  • My Voters Guide
  • List of accepted voter ID
  • Students – Get Ready to Vote Postcard
  • Voter’s Checklist

Contact our Enquiries Unit to order print materials (info@elections.ca or 1-800-463-6868)

Looking for content to publish on your Twitter and Facebook accounts? Feel free to use the messages below:

Sample Social Media Posts

  • Have you checked, updated or completed your voter registration yet? You can online now at bit.ly/1nWfP9G #elxn42
  • Follow @ElectionsCan_E for info on when, where and the ways to register and vote. For more info bit.ly/1Dk2yNX
  • We’re happy to be working with Elections Canada to help Canadians get ready to vote! #elxn42 @ElectionsCan_E
  • Learn more about accessible voting services and tools for #elxn42 bit.ly/1aK7L7c
  • Federal ridings have changed. Find yours with the @ElectionsCan_E Voter Information Service bit.ly/1xdrK7U #elxn42


2015 NWAC Voting Guide

Up For Debate Promotion Email Text

Elections Shareable Products Online (En anglais seulement)

PETITION: change.org/upfordebate