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Get out your books and bring your questions!

Spending time to properly set up your bookkeeping system can end up being a real stress reliever at tax time. Save yourself money, time, and future headaches by setting up a proper foundation for invoicing, paying bills, tracking, and planning the financial progress of your business!

Join us weekly (or whenever you can!) for this beginner-friendly workshop to find out how what you do, shows up in your bookkeeping and how you can use that information to make SMART business decisions.

These ongoing workshops and Q&A sessions begin October 22nd at 2 PM (and weekly thereafter) with BeTheDrum’s Frances Schagen.

How this Works:

Each weekly meeting will contain a workshop component followed by a Q&A Session.

  • First 1/2 Hour – Workshop

Frances will go over some basic bookkeeping concepts covering 1 or 2 smaller topics per week.

  • 2nd 1/2 Hour – Q&A Session

During the 2nd half of each workshop, we’ll have an open Q&A session, where participants (you!) can ask specific questions that have not yet been addressed – or something that you need more clarification on. We’ll discuss the issue and during the following week’s workshop portion, we’ll work to teach further on any outstanding concerns from the week before, before moving on to a new topic.

Throughout your training and participation in this Q&A workshop, you’ll get answers to questions like:

  • How can I ease the process of invoicing and get paid faster?
  • When and how should I register for HST?
  • What are Input Tax Credits (ITCs)?
  • How do I set up my chart of accounts? What is a chart of accounts?
  • What’s an easy way to keep track of my expenses and receipts?
  • What are the software options to keep my books in order? What will and won’t work for my business? Can an accountant work with my software?
  • What actions can I take now in my business that will help make preparing tax returns so much easier?
  • How to read and understand financial statements

How to Get Started

Participation is free and open to Members of the #BeTheDrum program. Click here to apply!

If you’re already a member, please register below (you only need to register once):