Aboriginal Business & Entrepreneurship Skills Training Program (BEST)

Twenty Indigenous women will be trained to deliver the Canadian Centre for Aboriginal Entrepreneurship (CCAE) Aboriginal Business & Entrepreneurship Skills Training program (Aboriginal BEST) to other Indigenous women in their regions. The Aboriginal BEST program is a free training program designed to support Indigenous entrepreneurship, and includes training on building a business plan, marketing, financing, and operations.

In partnership with CCAE, the Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) will deliver a culturally relevant gender based skills development and training program to underemployed and unemployed Indigenous women across Canada.

The Aboriginal BEST program has a formal curriculum and offers supports and tools to help nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of people, communities, and organizations. Participants will meet guest speakers, identify viable business ideas, determine the feasibility of those business ideas, and take steps to start or grow financing options on their journey to successful self-employment. This initiative will include business coaching and ongoing mentoring for up to 6 months following completion of the Aboriginal BEST for Women program and is intended for First Nations, Metis and Inuit regardless of status who are interested in becoming self-employed or starting their own business. BEST benefits Indigenous women in all stages of business development who want to turn their dreams into reality.

Upon completion of the Train the Trainer sessions, the 20 Indigenous women will return to their home regions, where they will deliver one ten day long Aboriginal BEST training session in their own or surrounding communities. Each session will include ten unemployed or underemployed Indigenous women.

Trainers will be compensated for delivering the training sessions, and will have developed marketable skills as an Aboriginal BEST trainer. The other participants will benefit in the long term from the skills training and guidance provided by the Aboriginal BEST training and supports of the CCAE staff.

The program’s success will be measured by the number of successfully trained trainers and the number of participants who have completed the regional Aboriginal BEST training sessions. The number of new businesses registered after completion of the regional BEST training, and participant feedback questionnaires will also be used as measurements of success.