Financial Literacy

NWAC’s mission is to help empower Aboriginal women by being involved in developing and changing laws and issues that affect them, and by involving them in the development and delivery of programs promoting equality for Aboriginal women and girls.  This work includes identifying gaps in Aboriginal women’s human rights and opportunities, including financial supports and training.  It must be noted that Aboriginal women in Canada continue to suffer from violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms, and are among the poorest demographic of the Canadian population.  Empowering girls and women has been linked by the UN with having one of the most effective impacts on reducing poverty.  UN Women states that, “investing in women’s economic empowerment sets a direct path towards gender equality, poverty eradication, and inclusive economic growth.” (“Economic Empowerment”, n.d.)

Aboriginal women represent and maintain cultures rich in knowledge, history, skills, and environmental stewardship.  Aboriginal women’s care giving and supportive relationship in their families and communities increases the critical importance and impact of ensuring they have financially secure and stable lives.  When all women succeed economically, it will enable women and their families to achieve greater security and help to build a better society.

As part of NWAC’s efforts to promote financial literacy, we have developed a Train the Trainer workbook and a Participant workbook for those wishing to conduct culturally-relevant financial literacy workshops.  Materials are available at cost.