Understanding From Within (UFW)

Understanding From Within (UFW): A Research Project on Neurological Conditions

In 2010, NWAC was successful in obtaining funding through the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) to undertake research to better understand how Aboriginal peoples conceptualize neurological conditions and the impacts on their families and communities, and the resources and supports needed to provide culturally safe and appropriate care.

Following an intensive data collection and analysis process, NWAC’s three-year research project wrapped up at the end of March 2013. Among other things, the research findings illustrated how little we know about the scope of impacts experienced by families, caregivers, and communities due to neurological conditions. Major themes and sub themes emerged in the research, along with a series of recommendations intended to improve relations between the health care system and Aboriginal peoples, and intended to promote the importance of Aboriginal control of health care services.

NWAC has created a series of community resources or posters utilizing a rapidly emerging technology called augmented reality (AR). Below are links to the Report (PDF) as well as the 4 live posters

Download the Layar app onto your smart phone or tablet to see the poster come alive in video.

NWAC Brain Injury Poster

NWAC Dementia Poster

NWAC Epilepsy Poster

NWAC Patient Advocacy Poster

2013 NWAC Neurological Disorders Report