NWAC was founded to help establish equality in Canada for Aboriginal women.  NWAC continues to promote Aboriginal women’s rights and issues through partnerships and ally building, advocacy, engaging with various bodies and organizations that impact on Aboriginal women’s human rights, and developing resources on human rights to inform and empower.

NWAC has worked to raise the profile of many issues in order to address them such as: all forms of violence against women, the lack of justice response and the general treatment by the justice system often leading to the high rates of Aboriginal women being criminalized and in prison; the under-funding to on-reserve education; ongoing racism and discrimination that Aboriginal women continue to experience from other Canadians; lack of economic benefits, training and poverty; high rates of trafficking and sexual exploitations that targets Aboriginal girls and women; lack of access to running clean water, and other basic human rights.

NWAC continues to work with our many partners through several Coalitions to advance the rights of Indigenous women. One example of such work includes our research and working with women who have been sexually exploited such as our participation as Interveners in the Bedford case which went to the Supreme Court of Canada.


2006 NWAC ONWA Human Rights Direct Access Model Joint Submission

2006 Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights In Canada A Forum

2004 Aboriginal Women and Housing Canada-Aboriginal Peoples Roundtable Background

2003 Aboriginal Children Living Off-Reserve NWAC Submission

2002 NWAC Violations of Indigenous Human Rights Submission

2000 NWAC Aboriginal Womens Rights Are Human Rights Research Paper