Currently, the situation for Aboriginal women in Canada’s justice system is critical.  The Office of the Correctional Investigator’s Annual Report (2013-2014) reported that over one third of federally sentenced women were Aboriginal.  Since 2004-05 the Aboriginal female population in jail has more than doubled.

While incarcerated, Aboriginal women do not have access to adequate programs and services.  Also, Aboriginal women are more likely to be classified as maximum security prisoners.

NWAC continues to work in this area, and is working to highlight issues and recommendations with representatives from Canada’s federal corrections system.

NWAC has produced many documents that outline the concerns experienced by women who are in prison. In particular, Gender Matter: Summary dialogue report of the cross country Arrest the Legacy: from Residential Schools to Prisons dialogues on improving conditions and opportunities for Aboriginal women and girls impacted by residential schools who are criminalized or in conflict with the law.


Gender Matters: Building Strength in Reconciliation

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