Life Stories

For years, communities have pointed to the high numbers of missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls in Canada. The Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) has been honoured to work with families of missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls to share the story of their loved one. As part of the storytelling process, families’ are also invited to share their experiences with the justice system, media, victim services and other institutional and community supports.

Storytelling is a way of teaching and learning. The stories shared by family members are intended to raise awareness, educate, and promote change. They have been told to honour the daughters, sisters, mothers and grandmothers that have been lost to violence and remember those still missing. This is what their stories tell us.

The Life Stories are a part of Evidence to Action II (ETA II), a project funded by Status Women Canada. These “digital” Life Stories build on NWAC’s legacy of working directly with families who have a missing or murdered loved one and highlights the importance of sharing, caring, raising awareness and working towards prevention. This unique process enabled family members to share the life story of their daughter, sister, mother or grandmother and reflect on their experiences with the justice system, the media, victim services and other support services. These three new Life Stories are a new addition to the eleven life stories in print.

NWAC Story Telling Amber Redman

NWAC Story Telling Beatrice Sinclair

NWAC Story Telling Daleen Bosee

NWAC Story Telling Danita Big Eagle

NWAC Story Telling Debbie Sloss

NWAC Story Telling Delores Whiteman

NWAC Story Telling Georgina Papin

NWAC Story Telling Gladys Tolley

NWAC Story Telling Lisa Marie Young

NWAC Story Telling Nina Courtepatte

NWAC Story Telling Terrie Ann Martin-Dauphinais

Digitial Life Stories

Evangeline Billy’s Story

Gladys Marie Simon’s Story

History of Virginia Pictou – Noyes

Hillary Bonnell’s Story

Ada Elaine Brown’s Story

Maisy Odjick’s Story

Claudette Osborne-Tyo’s Story