OTTAWA – The Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) has commissioned Nanos Research to analyze the election campaign platforms of the five major political parties as they relate to the issues impacting Indigenous women and their families.

That analysis, called SCORECARD: Where do the federal parties stand on Indigenous women’s issues, will be released along with NWAC’s Election Priorities 2021 at 10 am EDT on Tuesday, September 14. The documents will be posted on at that time.

SCORECARD is a 79-page analysis that rates the released platforms of the Conservatives, the Liberals, the New Democrats, the Green Party, and the Bloc Québécois according to how well they address the 11 major priorities identified by NWAC as being of central importance to Indigenous women.

The documents are in English only. But Lynne Groulx, NWAC’s CEO, will be available to discuss the findings in English or in French once the reports have been posted to the Association’s website after 10 a.m. tomorrow.

For information, or to arrange an interview, contact Gloria Galloway at