Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation

NWAC works continuously to raise awareness about the ongoing issue of sexual exploitation and human trafficking of Aboriginal women and girls in Canada. NWAC recognizes the vulnerabilities that increase Aboriginal women and girls’ risk to be targeted for exploitation in sex trafficking and prostitution.

NWAC’s past work on sexual exploitation, human trafficking, and sex work has been criticized for conflating these distinct experiences. NWAC recognizes that not distinguishing these experiences from one another hinders understanding, enhances stigma, and creates barriers to women accessing the supports and services they need.

NWAC is currently conducting research and relationship-building with other organizations in order to determine how best to support women and families affected by these issues. Moving forward, we are committed to building relationships with organizations that support Indigenous women who are sex workers in order to better understand our role in ending marginalization and violence against all Indigenous women and girls


2014 NWAC Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation Report