Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation

NWAC works continuously to raise awareness about the ongoing issue of sexual exploitation and human trafficking of Aboriginal women and girls in Canada. NWAC recognizes the vulnerabilities that increase Aboriginal women and girls’ risk to be targeted for exploitation in sex trafficking and prostitution.

NWAC developed several resources on the issue.  Funded by the Status of Women Canada (SWC), NWAC has developed a resource titled, Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking of Aboriginal Women and Girls: Literature Review and Key Informant Interviews: Final Report. To view this resource, please see below.

NWAC takes an Abolitionist perspective on the issue of prostitution and has developed several resources.  Our organization is a member of the Women’s Coalition for the Abolition of Prostitution, a pancanadian feminist and abolitionist Coalition made of seven national, provincial, and local women’s groups.

To learn more, please go to the Coalition website:


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