Helen Bassett Commemorative Student Award

NWAC is proud to announce the 2019 winners of the Helen Bassett Commemorative Student Awards!

In addition to her powerful work as an artist and advocate for Aboriginal land claims rights, Helen Bassett donated funds to be bestowed upon 4 Indigenous youth in post-secondary studies each year in the form of a $1000 grant. The awards are based on community involvement and a proven dedication to improving the well-being of Indigenous women, girls, Two-Spirit and gender diverse youth, and are distributed to one winner from each of the four directions: North, South, East, and West.

Please join us in congratulating these four 2019 Helen Bassett Award recipients:

From the North -- Marley Dunkers

From the South -- Allysa Mark

From the East -- Jeneva Rose Dennis

From the West -- Taylor Vodden

And we wish to thank everyone who, by their participation, showed their commitment to improving the lives of others in all of our communities.

Thank you – Meegwetch – Merci – Nakurmiik