Carol Rose
British Columbia

Carol Rose
A.M.O.C. A Marrying of Cultures
4-111-8th Street, New Westminster, British Columbia, V3M 3P6
Detailed Information

Carol is an International Artist. A Metis woman, the oldest of five children and was raised on the Prairies in Canada. Her dad was the first person to teach her how to draw by using numbers. The High School years formulated her style using inks, oils, acrylic, tempera and water colors.​ When she was 8 years old she dreamed of dots, colors and patterns, which you can see evident in her artwork today.

​​She spent two years in New Zealand where she began to experiment in mixed mediums which can be seen in her art today.

​​Carol believes that her inspiration comes from her Creator God. Her other influences come from the many countries and cultures she has been privileged to visit. These countries include Indonesia, Borneo, Mexico, Thailand, India, New Zealand and Australia.

Several of her pieces have found homes in Australia, New Zealand, Korea,  across USA, England, Holland, Germany and across Canada.

​With her unique organic style she blends indigenous art forms together with various mediums.

She calls her work, “A Marrying Of Cultures”, A. M. O. C

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