The Board of Directors hold responsibility for the overall governance of NWAC and passes all resolutions with regard to new initiatives undertaken by NWAC personnel and its members. The Board meets on a regular basis to evaluate, review, and provide direction to the President, PTMAs, and the National office.

NWAC’s Board of Directors consists of 22 members:

  • One (1) president

  • Thirteen (13) regional representatives

  • Four (4) of which are also regional executive leaders

  • Four (4) regional elders

  • Four (4) regional youth representatives; elected by the NWAC Youth Council

Presidents and Board Members

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Brandy Stanovich 

Indigenous Women’s Association of the Maliseet & Mi’kmaq Territory (IWAMMT)

Annie Bernard-Daisley

Nova Scotia Native Women’s Association

Dorothy George

Newfoundland Native Women’s Association

Florence Lynn Kenoras

BC Native Women’s Association

Jane Weyallon

The Native Women’s Association of the NWT

Lorraine Whitman 

NWAC President

Marlene Thomas

Aboriginal Women’s Association of PEI

Mary Jane Hannaburg

Femmes Autochthones du Quebec (FAQ)
Quebec Native Women’s Association Inc.

Terri Szabo

Yukon Aboriginal Women’s Council

Denise Cook

Manitoba Moon Voices Inc.

Ellmere Duquette

Saskatchewan Aboriginal Women’s Circle Corporation

Lisa Weber

Alberta Aboriginal Women’s Society

Alexandra Bridges

Keepers of the Circle Ontario

Madeleine Redfern

Nunavut Inuit Women’s Association

Regional Elder Representatives

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Therese Villeneuve (NWT)

North Elder
The Native Women’s Association of the NWT

Roberta Oshkabewisens (ON)

National Elder Representative
South Elder
Temiskaming Native Women’s Support Group

Alma Brooks (NB)

East Elder 
Indigenous Women’s Association of the Maliseet and Mi’kmaq Territory

West Elder (TBD)

Regional Youth Representatives

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Brooke Blanchard (NL)

East Youth 


South Youth

Seline McKenzie (SK)

West Youth 

Jaylene Delorme (NWT)

National Youth Representative
North Youth